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      Development pattern of wide mouth bottle blowing machine

      Can automatic feeding, can also be changed into manual feeding, can bottle, jar, PET cans are available this machine blowing, truly realize the use of a machine. Wide mouth bottle blowing machine is fully automatic bottle blowing equipment of our company the most stable one in two steps from two to a maximum of four cavity, blowing 2L, wide mouth bottle blowing machine is suitable for any shape in blowing with PET and PP crystalline plastics as raw material of carbonated beverages bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottles, large caliber high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers, the market is the driving device of integrated domestic and international advanced and automatic control technology in product design and manufacture according to customer feedback, and constantly update and improve. The bottle blowing machine has the characteristics of good stability, fast production speed, stable operation, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc..

      Features of wide mouth bottle blowing machine:

      A, wide mouth bottle blowing machine adopts advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance;

      B, conveyor automatic delivery;

      C, using infrared heating lamps, strong penetration, embryoheated while rotation, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable;

      D, the lamp tube in the heating area, the width and the height of the reflecting board can be adjusted, and the wide mouth bottle blowing machine is suitable for the heating of the bottle blank with different structure and has the automatic temperature discharging device to ensure the temperature of the drying channel;

      E, each mechanical action has a safety locking device, when a process failure, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;

      F, each action is driven by the cylinder, does not use the oil pump, the wide mouth bottle blowing machine has no pollution, low noise and so on;

      G, the gas blowing and action design will be divided into three parts, to meet the different pressure of the blowing, action needs;

      H, high pressure and double crank connecting rod is used for locking and clamping force;

      I, operating methods are manual, automatic two ways;

      J, safe and reliable unique valve design, but also to let the gas become clear;

      K, complete automation of the production process, with high investment, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance, safety, etc..

      L, the bottle from pollution.

      M, cooling system to achieve the desired cooling effect

      O, into a bottle scrap rate of less than 0.2%

      Operation rules of wide mouth bottle blowing machine

      (1) before each shift, must be in the activities of the components plus a lubricating oil. (manipulator, manipulator, rail clamping rail)

      (2) the swing arm (3-4) plus a. Heating machine chain small chain can be once a month. Check whether the main engine reducer, heater reducer is missing oil. Host bearing can be added once 3 months.

      (3) before the production inspection of the moving parts is firm, whether the loosening of the screw off, wide mouth bottle blowing machine, especially the impact of strong local, belt drive part is abnormal.

      (4) check the high pressure air source, low pressure gas source, power supply, water supply is normal.

      (5) check the emergency stop switch, the security door switch, the protection device to detect the switch is normal.

      (6) check the temperature of the head into the embryo, the embryo part of the work is normal. If the embryo is not in place, the nut of the pressing device can be adjusted.

      (7) check whether the lamp is damaged or not. Should be replaced in a timely manner.

      (8) to check whether the pneumatic components of the leak, the action is sensitive.

      (9) check whether the abnormal body three is blocked, water leakage, water storage is too full.

      (10) when there is abnormal, the automatic bottle blowing machine solenoid valve should be cleaned in time, "3 million 500 thousand times per bottle blowing.".

      Wide mouth bottle blowing machine is divided into two control system (customer optional), one is controlled by a time relay, two PLC touch screen computer control, can control the parameters more accurately, this machine has the advantages of simple operation, safety, and the different position of double quick stop control, as well as the different location of single point real inspiration to move the start button and double button control, which enables the operator to facilitate the work, the machine is only one operation, do not need special training, inside the machine has the advantages of high low pressure air storage device, wide mouth bottle blowing machine can be single user bottle gas supply or double air source gas can be locked, device adopts double crank clamping, clamping force and other advantages of large, wide mouth bottle blowing machine installation is very simple, operation and easy maintenance

      Wide mouth bottle blowing machine for blow carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottles, cups, jars, bottles and hollow plastic containers (PET.PC.AS.PE...... )

      Excellent equipment, stable product quality, wide application range, wide mouth bottle blowing machine has the advantages of low investment, low cost, low power consumption, investment, quick effect, convenient operation and other advantages, is the ideal packaging machinery and equipment widely used in mineral water, beverage, medicine, pesticide, chemical reagent, oil production plant.

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