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      Domestic bottle blowing machine market is gradually growing

      After years of development, China's blow molding machine market gradually grow in the hustle, but in the low-end market, take the high road less and less, which affect our country's blowing machine in the international brand influence to a great extent.

      It is understood that China is now blowing machine manufacturers a large number of decimal. It can be said that the domestic market blowing machine supply capacity has been very strong. From the high end of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine to the most simple bottle blowing machine, for buyers to choose a very large. At the same time, some blow molding machine manufacturers after decades of development has begun to have the scale.

      However, the domestic bottle blowing machine market is the lack of well-known brands. Although the bottle blowing machine production technology and international well-known bottle blowing machine brand is getting closer, but it is difficult for us to find a relatively large brand in the domestic market, the impact of bottle blowing machine. Then, we have to have the size and technical strength of the domestic manufacturers, in the end what caused the lack of brand influence.

      Xiao Bian believes that the weak link in the domestic bottle blowing machine lies in the after-sales service, the lack of effective after-sales system support. This is a great reason for many buyers to choose the famous brand of international enterprises. At the same time, the domestic bottle blowing machine enterprises in the branding and publicity is also very weak. These have hindered the establishment of domestic blowing machine brand

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